Website Development Tips

February 7, 2020, 0 Comments

Website Development Tips

Did you know it is recommended to update your website every 2-4 years? The reason is to keep up with emerging search trends and make sure that your site stays relevant to searcher intent.

In the world on online marketing, there is a simple formula that we like to follow. Match searcher intent & query with your website. In other words, know what your target market needs and then make sure you are optimized to share your info so you both win.

“ Our job as marketers is to match the searcher’s intent (what they mean to find) with their actual search query and optimize your website to match that intent with relevant content. ”

Keyword research is one of the crucial aspects of web dev that often gets ignored. It’s important to keep it in mind as you create content for your new website.

Most web developers try to get the website up as quickly as possible and assume it will be optimized later.

The best web development tip is to work backwards and start with what the target market wants first and then build the site to match. This approach will save you thousands of dollars in edits and updates down the line. Ask yourself: What’s the quickest way to get them what they are looking for? What obstacles are in the way of them getting my solution?

Your website isn’t just about your brand or your image. It’s all about what the buyer/visitor hopes to accomplish on your website. Always keep them in mind as you create your website and you will be very happy with how it turns out.

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