Sales Funnels, Keyword Silos, & Why They Matter

January 27, 2020, 0 Comments

Sales Funnels, Keyword Silos, & Why They Matter

It isn’t marketing unless it’s full of sales jargon that’s “old-as-the-hills”, or currently trending on Twitter. So what does some of it mean and why is it so important to your marketing efforts?

Perhaps you’ve heard of the terms: “sales funnel”, “keyword siloing”, “structured data”, “drip campaigns”, “trip wire”, “upsell”, and “downsell”. All these terms refer to some part or portions of the website visitor journey.

There are two main focuses to online success – Driving qualified traffic to your site AND converting that traffic into lifelong customers.

The important part to remember is that all of these factors should lead to the end goal: Customers for life! Do not allow a bad customer experience for a quick sale. Quality matters more now than ever. We always advise that you offer the best customer journey as possible.

Each aspect of the sales funnel, drip campaign or customer journey should give your potential customer a feeling of ease and a reassurance that they are in the right place, finding the right solution to their problem. Each phase should answer the following questions:

Do I trust this company/person?

Do I like this company/person?

Will I get the desired outcome I’m looking for?

As a general rule, most of us are skeptical by nature and can become critical as we are promised expectations that don’t come true. It’s our responsibility to use these marketing efforts to overcome the skepticism and criticism that everyone feels and replace it with hope of a guaranteed solution to their problem.

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