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Phone Sales
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We understand that it takes time and energy to run a company. We are here to help grow your business so you don't have spend time you don't have. Our team is positioned to immediately become a part of your team and start driving sales on the first day.

Why Use Pinnacle Phone Sales

In an industry where ethical sales are few and far between, we pride ourselves in giving our customers the utmost deference, and adhere to strict ethical practices. PPS was founded on these principles and we believe it sets us apart.

Common Misconceptions:

You can’t sell products over the phone

You can’t build product value over the phone

You can’t deliver great customer service over the phone

Did You Know...

By consulting and educating your clients over the phone, we can increase the lifetime value of that customer by giving them the ability to make an informed decision. By proactively reaching out to existing customers and new prospects we give them a platform to express their thoughts, concerns, and questions. This is where we partner with your customer service team to ensure all of your customer’s are handled with care.

To Date, Pinnacle Phone Sales Has Generated More than 20 Million Dollars of Additional Revenue For Our Partners.

Getting Started

*Zero startup costs*

*Quick and easy on-boarding process*

*Commission payout of gross sales generated by PPS*