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Digital Marketing In 2020

What does digital marketing look like in 2020?

Many of our clients ask how we are able to maintain results.  Are answer is simple… always adapt and implement.  Digital marketing isn’t guess work, it’s executing tried and true strategies that are in favor with Google’s algorithm.  At Google’s core is a fundamental truth… give every searcher a wonderful experience. That’s it.  There isn’t a crazy secret to it, just a blueprint that’s a mile long and an ocean deep.  We start with the most important aspects and work backwards from there.

Did you know that Google scores close to 80% of the content on the internet as SPAM?!  Which means that Google does the exact opposite of the justice system.  The justice system is meant to presume that all parties are “innocent until proven guilty”.  In the case with Google, all websites are considered “SPAM until proven NOT to be”.  So our job as digital marketers is to show, via best practices why we are not spam.  In fact, the real goal is to show Google that visitors will have a great experience on our site and to have us ranking #1 for our primary keywords.


So what does digital marketing look like in 2020?  The answer is simple: look at your own, new search expectations.  What do YOU expect to see when you search something?  Everything is mobile friendly and snippet rich.  In fact, Google now does mobile first indexing (which means that they actually look at the mobile experience of your website, more than the desktop version).  Google’s primary goal is to get you the relevant answer/content as quickly as possible and designed to do so with the least amount of clicking.

Good digital marketers understand how to get unique, relevant content out by optimizing the technical aspects of your website as well as the on-page and off-page aspects.  With this trifecta, you can know that your digital marketing needs are taken care of.

Digital Marketing will always change as our demands for more information will change.  There will always be a need to draw traffic to your website and then convert that traffic into leads, customers, patients, clients, buyers, etc.  Digital marketing enhances this process and gives you lasting success.  Digital Marketing in 2020, looks a heck-of-alot like digital marketing of December 31, 2019 marketing, but with ever so slightly variations, based on new and improved searcher demands.

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