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“For five years Pinnacle has managed a dedicated team of health and wellness professionals for Leading Edge Health. They help our customers achieve their goals and purchase more of our products. The best part, they added a new, reliable source of sales revenue for us we didn’t know was possible.”

“Their unique sales approach has provided an enormous amount of value to our customers and business. We receive positive feedback and reviews about their service on a regular basis. Pinnacle has become an irreplaceable component of our business and I highly recommend their services.”

-Derek Gehl

CEO of DM Contacts (Leading Edge Health)

“Pinnacle excels at what matters most; providing a phenomenal experience to each and every customer. From start to finish they exude professionalism and genuine care while shining light on how STEEL can bring value to our customer’s lives. I’m appreciative of everything they did for us and highly recommend their services to other companies across any industry.”

Anthony Pasquale

CEO – STEEL Supplements