5 Benefits Of An Outbound Call Center

December 27, 2019, 0 Comments

5 Benefits Of An Outbound Call Center

How does a growing company scale and save money while adding value and service to their customers?

By outsourcing tasks and projects that would otherwise take up your valuable time and resources. One primary example of this is through the use of a professional outbound call center.

If you want to increase revenue and expand your customer base, you must proactively reach out, consult, and educate the public about your product. Here are just a few of the specific ways that hiring an outbound call center can accomplish this goal, while actually saving you money AND increasing your profits in the long run:

“  It’s easy to see how valuable and cost-effective such a service can be for your business.

1. Expertise & Training
Your in-house employees are trained specifically for their job description, so that they may perform duties in a timely and effective manner. Unless they’re professional phone operators, they have not been trained for duties associated with sales and customer service interactions.

By attempting to develop your own outbound sales team, you’re essentially throwing away dollars by paying for time spent on the phone with little or no return on investment. An ineffective sales call might as well be no call at all; yet, you’re paying for it by the hour. 

There are zero startup costs associated with hiring Pinnacle Phone Sales as we are 100% commission based. We only make money if you do. We make the onboarding process painless and enjoyable as our team of experts quickly develop a winning strategy with you.

2. Converting Browsers To Buyers
It is easy to imagine the scenario, we are browsing a website, we have a real interest to buy but think we can find a better deal elsewhere. So we open another tab, abandon the shopping cart, and continue searching for similar products, reviews, and compare pricing options.

If you are collecting the customer’s name and phone number very early in this browsing/quote cycle you’ve only won half the battle. If your customer abandons the checkout process we reach out within 24 hours to help close the deal simply by injecting the human touch and skill of a trained sales professional. 

Pinnacle Phone Sales routinely converts 25-50% of all abandoned shopping carts we call on. We have even taken on 6 month old abandoned carts and converted them into sales in order to showcase our skills and merit. 

3. Increasing Profitability Per Customer
It is the goal of every company to increase the number or value of products that a customer purchases from them. Few strategies achieve this more effectively than a Pinnacle Phone Sales Team. Take for example, your customer buys a single unit. By calling that customer to engage, garner questions about the product they have purchased, and consult with them about additional products you offer; we are able to up-sell that customer, offer additional discounts if products are purchased in bundles, and gain valuable insight through customer feedback. This strategy develops valuable customer relationships, and done right it is a way of getting the appropriate proposition to an accurately targeted market.

4.Greater Chances Of A Satisfied Customer
One of the distinct advantages that outbound marketing teams have over digital marketing or lead generation systems is the human element. While filling a form or extracting information from surveys has its own quantitative advantages, when it comes to solving a customer’s problems or building product value through education, the ability to talk to a human representative is more effective. These opportunities where customers come forward with issues can be used to redress the problem and then turn that into a positive for the company by showing proactive-ness and responsiveness to the customer’s needs.

5. Around The Clock Sales
A Pinnacle Phone Sales team could be calling hot leads around the world while your business is shut down for the day. Our team can also adjust your script based on the results we’re having within 24 hours. We can operate a number of different test campaigns to see which one has the best results for mass use by your customer service department. These types of customer engagement options make our call center valuable to any company.

These are just a few of the factors which demonstrate the necessity of outsourcing your outbound calling services, and how such a service can build your business while saving your budget. This proactive approach to customer procurement enables your company to heighten public awareness of your product, generate qualified leads, conduct valuable market research and win back customers whose patronage may have diminished over time. 

With this in mind, it’s easy to see how valuable and cost-effective such a service can be for your business. Outsourcing this service improves your sales revenue, thus increasing your lead generation performance. Your internal staff have more time to focus on their main job responsibilities. When you don’t have to worry about sales and lead generation, you can focus more on scaling your business. Simply put, we believe hiring Pinnacle Phone Sales will sky-rocket your revenue.

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